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New Personal Blog – The Gallivanter

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great 2023 so far.

For me, I’m so thankful that 2023 is going to bring a world of new beginnings and opportunities.

I started DormRoomDietetics in 2019 while I was an undergraduate dietetics student living in a dorm, who wanted to share the knowledge of health, wellness, and how to make the most of your mini fridge.

Four years after starting this blog, I am now in my dietetic internship, and one step closer to becoming Allison Cook, RDN!

With that being said, I have loved blogging, but I feel as though I have grown out of the dorm room, and into the real world.

I love the field of dietetics, but also love to travel, cook, read and share those experiences with others.

So I am so happy to announce that I have started a new blog page: The Gallivanter! The Gallivanter is my new personal blog that I hope to use to connect with others who share my interests.

If you want to continue reading my thoughts on health and wellness, along with lifestyle topics and travel experiences, I’d love for you to join me on The Gallivanter.

Thank you so much for checking out the blog! Check out some of my other blog posts to learn how to make the most of your mini-fridge 🙂



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