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I Got Matched! To my #1 choice for an internship…

Hello everyone! I have amazing news: I got matched! For those who don’t know, I am in my undergrad pursing my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in the hopes of becoming a Registered Dietitian. In order to become a Registered Dietitian, you also have to complete a dietetic internship from an accredited school or program. I applied for internships this past February and just found out that I got matched to my first choice!

This is a pretty big deal for multiple reasons. First and most importantly is that I get to continue on my journey to become a Registered Dietitian! Secondly, getting matched to any internship is something to celebrate, as the match rate for students tends to be around 70%. Finally, getting matched to your first choice is not common and is so incredibly exciting.

The program that I matched to is an M.S./DI program. I didn’t always know that I wanted to pursue my Master’s Degree, but this program is incredible and my master’s would be in Clinical Nutrition, which aligns with my career goals. Annnndddddd there is the added bonus that by the year 2024 in order to sit for the RD exam, you have to have a Master’s degree.

This program lasts 2 years, the first year you take graduate level courses and the second you get to do your internship rotations. In the end, I will have my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and have completed my requirements to sit for the RD exam.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, but I also want to brag a little on myself and the hard work it took to get here. For more information about what I did in preparation for applying to dietetic internships, feel free to go read my other blog post, “What I’m doing to prepare for DICAS.” I’m by no means saying that what I did is the only way to get an internship. Everyone’s on a different journey to become an RD and we all want different programs – that’s what makes all RD’s unique! If you’re looking for a good place to start or way’s to build up your resume/application, go read that post and let me know your thoughts.

I just wanted to say thank you for reading/subscribing to the blog and coming with my on my RD journey. I hope to continue frequent updates about my life and sharing the nutrition knowledge that I gain along the way.

Thanks for checking out the blog! Come back next time to learn more ways to make the most of your mini-fridge.


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