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The Future of Dorm Room Dietetics (spoiler alert: there is one)

Hello everyone! As some of you who have been following my RD2B Journey know, I am about to graduate from college with my Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics. It has been an incredibly incredible four years, and I can say that I have been fulfilled by my college experiences. I learned so much about nutrition and “health” that I have so enjoyed sharing with all of you.

So the bad news first. When I first started this blog, I had one aspiration: to show college students living in their dorms how to “make the most of their mini-fridges.” I feel that as a sophomore living in an on-campus facility, I was able to share my undergraduate nutrition knowledge and my personal tips and tricks in order to authentically do so. Now, as a senior living off-campus who is about to graduate, I’m afraid I can only give advice from past experience and won’t be able to do that part of my mission statement justice.

Now the good news, I’ve decided to think of my growth from the start of this blog as nothing but a great thing. I hope to continue to share the nutrition knowledge that I have learned and will learn in my Graduate program to continue to encourage and educate undergraduate nutrition students, or just health conscience peeps in their unique wellness journey’s.

Now the great news, I have been making some edits to the layout of this blog to include some RD2B freebies, as well as some RD2B merchandise. I thought this would be a way to dedicate this blog to my time as an undergraduate and share what I learned with all of you! I have included some pretty in-depth personal study guides for all of your hardest dietetics courses such as Advanced Nutrition, MNT I and MNT II. I have also included a DI interview Crash Course for this who are interested in applying for an internship that focuses on Clinical Nutrition.

Thanks for checking out the blog, come back next time to learn how to make the most of your mini-fridge and follow my RD2B Journey!!

-Allison Cook


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