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Hidden Gems of Nashville, TN

The Gallivanter

Future Famous Country Singers, Broadway Bridesmaids, and really freakin hot, hot chicken. That’s right, today we’re talking about Nashville, TN.

During my undergraduate days, I lived fairly close to “Music City”. At the time, Nashville was the first big city I ever visited. I’ll never forget how the cityscape on the drive-in took my breath away (it never got old).

Any spare afternoon and almost every weekend, my friends and I would make our way down to Nashville to totally tourist it up.

But we Gallivanters can’t help ourselves, we want to live like the locals and make our mark on the cities we visit in a new way.

So here are some of my favorite things to do when in Nashville, TN.




I will tell it to you straight, I’ve had both Hattie B’s and Prince’s and both do Nashville hot chicken justice. But if you…

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