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Health and Fitness Favorites for Working Out at Home

“my gains”

It was a dark, dark day for the world of gym shark guys and girls when all the gyms of the world seemed to announce their closing simultaneously in March. I remember texting every exercise science major I had in my phone to check on them.

My college gives us access to a fully equipt gym almost 24/7, and oh how that gym has spoiled me. I had grown accustomed to relying on the gym for every aspect of my fitness. Going to the gym regularly really helped me see results when it came to muscle growth. I forgot what it was like trying to get a good workout in at home.

If I keep talking about how much I love the gym I won’t stop, so moving on.

Before my college days, I used to get in a great workout at home with nothing more than a yoga mat and a treadmill. Now, I have learned a thing or two about exercise from being a gym regular, and am learning more about nutrition everyday in class.

So I am here to share some of my nutrition and fitness favorites for getting a great workout at home.

Here is to not losing any gains!


Five and Below Resistance Bands (3 Set)

Resistance Bands can be a great addition to any leg workouts you’ve been doing consistently. I think Five and Below has a great deal for a 3 set of resistance bands with 3 different levels of intensity under $5.

Gaiam Yoga Mats

I don’t think any of my workouts would be possible without a good yoga mat to lay down as a comfortable foundation. My yoga instructor always recommends using Gaiam Yoga Mats because they are made of a really thick material and come in many different styles! If you purchase one be sure it’s at least 6 mm.

Whitney Simmons‘ “Workout With Me” on Instagram

We all know Whitney Simmons as the gym shark queen of leg day, I know her as a joyful, motivational workout instructor via Instagram. As of now, Whitney has 3 different, “Workout With Me” videos on her IGTV. The videos show her doing at home workouts targeting different muscles groups like arms and shoulders and of course, legs.

Chloe Ting Ab Workout on Youtube

This has been the latest workout craze taking over the TikTok app, and for good reason. I just completed Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Ab Workout and definitely have seen results! I’m not saying you will end up with 6 pack abs, but I will say you will strengthen your core and your discipline if you stick with this for two weeks.

Yoga with Adriene on Youtube

For those of you who are like me and desperately miss taking every free group fitness class your gym had to offer, I must introduce you to Yoga with Adriene. This lady has every type of yoga and every duration you can imagine. My favorite yoga session she has right now is, “Yoga for Self Discipline.”


PBfit Peanut Butter Powder

If my obsession with Peanut Butter Products has not been made obvious by now, let me reiterate that I own too many Peanut Butter Products. Except this one. This one I stand by. I never eat enough protein in a day, so this is a great way to sneak in more of it because you can put it in just about anything. Oatmeal, Smoothies, etc. I could make a whole separate blog post about different uses for PB Powder.

Crazy Richards All Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter

While everyone else was hoarding toilet paper, I was hoarding this stuff. I have about 5 jars of this stuff on standby just in case. Not only is it delicious, it only has one ingredient: Peanuts!

SmartSweets Candy

I can’t say quarantine has helped cure my sweet tooth, but I can say that I found a guilt free alternative to my regular vices! I thought SmartSweets had taken over my life when I found out they were a low sugar Swedish fish, but then I found out they make them in peach ring form.


Lifesum App

Disclaimer: I don’t like to encourage calorie counting because I think it can lead to some negative mindsets around food, which is the worst possible thing you could do for your physical and mental health, but I do think it’s a good idea to know exactly what your eating during this confusing time. I personally love to use the Lifesum app to track my water intake and check in on my macros. The app can be used to track calories for weightloss, but it also has settings for maintaining weight or gaining weight.

Spotify Workout Playlists

Last but not least, what is the point of doing your workout at home if you don’t have a great workout playlist blasting in the background? I rotate between a few playlists, even christian workout music, so if that’s your thing feel free to check out my spotify!

Thank you so much for visiting the blog! I hope that you found some inspiration to start working out at home. Come back soon to find out how to keep making the most of your quarantine!



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