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How to Live Sustainably in College

I know what your thinking, “So…how does this relate to health and wellness?” It does and it doesn’t. Personally, I take a holistic approach to health (maybe that’s my Anthropological side coming out).

In my opinion, your environment can have an impact on your overall well-being, so you need to do what you can to take care of it!

Also, a major portion of our waste is from food! According to the Food Recovery Network, 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away/wasted. That’s a scary number considering the mass amount of people who are Food Insecure. That could be a whole other blog post, so I digress.

Back to what you can do about it.

Let me just start off by saying that living sustainably is made difficult by our society. At the push of a button, we can have exactly what we want, when we want, with free shipping. We live in a time where quantity trumps quality. I’d argue going against the norm and living a sustainable lifestyle is even harder while in college.

I have see a shift in our society with the “save the turtles” movement, but I don’t want us to stop there!

It’s not easy, and I miss the mark more often than not, but it’s so worth it. After all, we all have to do our part to lessen our impact on the Earth.

Keep Reusable Silverware in Your Backpack

The first step for me in trying to become more sustainable was to replace items I used and threw out everyday. Plastic silverware being item #1. I found a great deal for a reusable spoon, fork and knife in the camping section of Walmart for only 89 cents! No excuses people. They’re the perfect size to slip into your backpack for those last minute invites to grab dinner on campus.

If your interested at all in this post, you may already own a reusable straw. I prefer metal but I’ve seen so many variations and colors to choose from.

Buy a Reusable Starbucks Cup

This was probably everyone’s first step when #savetheturtles started trending, I know it was mine, but it’s a great first step for anyone with a Starbucks addiction trying to be more sustainable. I go to Starbucks on my 8:00 am days for obvious reasons and on Sundays for #selfcaresunday. That’s 2-3 plastic cups/straws being thrown out a week! Buy the reusable cup, skip the straw, and get 10 cents off your drink. Pro-Starbucks tip.

Go Thrifting and Donate Old Clothing

One thing I was most excited about when I was headed off to college, was being so close to the mall. I’ll admit during my first semester I bought things I didn’t need just because I wanted to buy something at the mall. I love shopping, but fast fashion can lead to so much waste. I’m not the expert blogger on this topic, but please google fast fashion and prepare to be blown away. After I did, I realized how much fun thrift shopping can be. Not only is it more budget friendly to college students, but you can find incredibly unique pieces and show off your personal style.

Get Reusable Bowls for Your Dorm Meals

I purchased some amazing, cheap bowls from Target at the beginning of my freshman year of college, and they have proven to be quite durable since I’m a second semester sophomore now and still use them. I bought two pink bowls and two matching cups for under $5.

Use Dish Rags/Cloth instead of Papertowels

This is something I never even thought about until my roommate brought her dish towels to school. It’s a one time investment that will save you some $$ on buying paper towels each month and help you reduce your waste.

Get Durable Tupperware to Store Leftover Foods

A big part of being sustainable is limiting your food waste. A great way to do this is just storing your leftovers properly. Not only has this helped me limit my food waste, it’s also helped me be healthier! I love making whole grain pasta (a little too much because I tend to go overboard with my portions). So instead of the throwing the extra out, I’ll store it and have a healthy meal for later.

Bring Reusable Grocery Bags When Shopping

Ever since I purchased my reusable grocery bag from @allthingslillyann on Instagram, I’ve noticed how much plastic I used to be using every time I went to the store. No surprise: it was a. lot. It’s something I didn’t think about until I wasn’t carrying 3-4 grocery bags in the house with me. The best part of this change has been making 1 trip and 1 trip only from the car. Well that and how stinkin’ cute this bag is!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog! If you have any more tips on how to be more sustainable or anything you’d like to read on the blog, feel free to comment below. Come back soon to see more ways to make the most of your mini-fridge!



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